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Text in BOLD is an UPDATE.

Submitting an Adoption Sheet;
:bulletblue: If you would like to adopt a design, please read the member's spcific rules and instructions and follow them. The admins are not in charge of how strict or lenient these rules may be.

:bulletgreen: If you are having trouble submitting your art, please contact the owner or an admin.

:bulletgreen: If your submission has been pending for more than 48 hours, please contact the owner.

:bulletgreen: In rare cases, a submission may be declined. Please do not try to resubmit the adoption sheet. If you don't know why it was declined, contact the owner or an admin. If you start to flame/troll/spam because of a declined submission, you will be suspended for a minimum of three days.

:bulletred: Do not submit adoptables that are rude or have pornographic material. The submission will be deleted immediately.

:bulletred: Please do not beg (on the group home page) for people to adopt your designs. It is childish and annoying, and you will be warned.

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