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Group Owner;

:iconinvaderjeffy: :iconsachnata: :iconrainbow-tears492:

Admin/Moderator Rules;
:bulletred: If you see that one of the admins is abusing their power, please contact gloom-dog or another admin. All admins that abuse their power will be stripped of their rank, and downsized to a normal member. If it is a very serious incident, the admin will be suspended or banned from the group.

:bulletblue: All admins should be polite to the members, and try to help them out in any way that is possible for them.

:bulletred: If an admin spams, flames, or trolls another member, they will not be given any special treatment, and the same things will happen to them as it would a normal member.

If you would like to become an admin, please submit the following form to gloom-dog.

Why you want this position:
How often are you on?:
What staff experience do you have, if any:
Do you submit adoption sheets?:

Jobs of the staff:
Folder organizing, accepting members/submissions, banning/suspending members, making a bi-weekly newsletter, updating rules and group home page.

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